Books for DRDO Senior Technical Assistant Exam Preparation

DRDO Exam Books
Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) works under Department of Defence Research and Development of Ministry of Defence. DRDO works in various areas of military technology which include aeronautics, armaments, combat vehicles, electronics, instrumentation engineering systems, missiles, materials, naval systems, advanced computing, simulation and life sciences.

DRDO – Centre for Personnel Talent Management (CEPTAM) invites application for various posts in their organization every year. These posts include Senior Technical Assistant, Technician, admin etc.

Educational Qualification Required to apply for this post are as below:

1) Senior Technical Assistant-‘B’ (STA-‘B’)- Age of the candidate must be between 18 and 28 Years.
– B.Sc. degree or Three years Diploma in Engineering in the specified subject.

2) Technician-‘B’ (STA-‘B’)- Age of the candidate must be between 18 and 28 Years.
– Xth Class Or equivalent pass with ITI in specific trade.

DRDO -CEPTAM Exam Pattern: Eligible candidates will be required to appear for a Written Examination. Candidates shortlisted on the basis of their performance in the Written Test will be called for Personal Interview.

DRDO CEPTAM Senior Technical Assistant (For STA ‘B’) & Technician ‘A’ Written Exam Pattern :

PartSubjectMax. MarksTime Alloted
01General Awareness, General Intelligence,
Reasoning Ability, General Science
2 hours
02Subject concerned
(Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics,
Civil Engineering, Mechanical etc.)

DRDO CEPTAM Assistant Hindi Written Exam Pattern :

PartSubjectMax. MarksTime Alloted
01General Awareness, General Intelligence,
Reasoning Ability, General Science
2 hours
02Hindi Language50
02English Language50

NOTE: The syllabus of the examination will be based on the standards of essential qualification required for the post.
– The medium for Written Examination will be Hindi or English.
– the minimum qualifying marks in written examination is 40% for General Candidate and 35% for SC/ST candidate.

Some of the books which can help candidates to prepare for Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) CEPTAM Senior Technical Assistant Exam are suggested as below.
You can choice according to your specification- Computer Science, Electrical & Electronics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc.

DRDO exam papers :

DRDO Junior Engineer Paper 1
DRDO Junior Engineer Paper 2

Expected GK Questions for SSC CHSL 2014 Exam

Who won Noble Peace Prize 2014- Malala Yousafzai (Yougest Noble prize winner) and Kailash Satyarthi
Who won Nobel Prize for Literature- French historical author Patick Modiano
Who won Nobel Prize for Chemistry- Eric Betzig, Stefan W Hell and William E. Moerner
Who won Nobel Prize for Economics- French economist Jean Tirole
Who won Nobel Prize for Protection of Child Rights- Kailash Satyarthi
Who won Nobel Prize for Physics- Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura
Who won Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine- John O´Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser.
Noble Prize was announced for the research in Brain Global Positioning System
Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award 2014 has been given to- Apathukatha Sivathanu Pillai
Indian cop wins UN‟s international female peacekeeper award
Sir Masood Lifetime achievement award 2014 has been awarded for- Saiyid Hamed
Richard Flanagan won Man Booker Prize for his wartime novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Poet-diplomat Abhay K with Asia-Pacific Excellence Award
Who has been appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in south Asia- Aamir Khan
17th Asian games Incheon 2014 was held at- South Korea
Birendra Lakra belongs to- Hockey
First Women director of Hindustan Unilever Limited- Kalapana Morparia
Author of Book “Syntheism- Creating God in The Internet Age”- Alexander Bard
Who won Maiden ATP Shangai Masters trohy- Roger Federer
International Day of the girl Child observed on- 11th October
Theme of the International Day of the Girl Child- Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the cycle of Violence
Committee Name that submitted the final report to union government on Post Sachar Evaluarion: Prof. Amitabh Kundu committee


Railway exam books for junior engineer and SSE

Most of the examinees of railway engineering exams (such as the RRB exam for Sr. Section Engineer, Junior Engineer, Senior Supervisor & Depot Material Superintendent) are in dilemma over what to prepare for the RRB written exam, as not much have been said about the exam pattern or syllabus in the notification. But since the merit list is prepared based on the written test alone (i.e. without any GD/Interview), finding the prep materials for RRB engineering exam – Sample papers and prep books is of paramount importance to succeed.

One word Substitutions For SSC exam

SSC exam preparation
One Word Substitution (MCQ) of English are important for BANK PO, Clerk, IBPS, SBI-PO, RBI, MBA, MAT, CAT, IIFT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, CBI, CPO, CLAT, CTET, NDA, CDS, Specialist Officers and other competitive exams.
we are trying our best to provide you the important and popular one word substitution . We hope you find them very useful while preparing for your exam.
One word substitutes as the phrase indicates itself are the words that replace group of words or a full sentence effectively without creating any kind of ambiguity in the meaning of the sentences

  • That which cannot be read. - Illegible (अपठनीय)
  • That which cannot be bounded. - Illimitable (रोशन)
  • That which cannot be described. - Ineffable
  • That which cannot be heard. - Inaudible (अश्राव्य)
  • That which cannot be done. -Impossible (असंभव)
  • That which cannot be seen. - Invisible (अदृश्य)
  • That which cannot be endured. -Intolerable (असहनीय)
  • That which cannot be blotted out or effaced -Indelible (अमिट)
  • That which cannot be understood -Incomprehensible (समझ से बाहर)
  • That which cannot be corrected -Incorrigible (असुधार्य)
  • That which cannot be separated -Inseparable
  • That which cannot be surmounted or overcome. -Insuperable (अजेय)
  • That which cannot be communicated -Incommunicable (बयान से बाहर)
  • That which cannot be believed. - Incredible (अविश्वसनीय)
  • That which cannot be exhausted -Inexhaustible (अक्षय)
  • That which cannot be solved -Insoluble
  • That which cannot be repaired-Irreparable
  • That which cannot be imitated - Inimitable
  • That which cannot be reached or approached. -Inaccessible (दुर्गम)
  • That which cannot be penetrated- Impenetrable or Inscrutable (अभेद्य)
  • A person who is out to destroy all government and order -  Anarchist 
  • Government by the people -  Democracy 
  • The whole mass of air surrounding the earth - Atmosphere 
  • One who is not sure of the existence of God  - Agnostic
  • A medicine which prevents infection by killing germs - Antiseptic
  • One who does something not professionally but for pleasure -  Amateur 
  • A statement open to more than one interpretation - Ambiguous 
  • One who makes an official examination of accounts - Auditor 
  • Marrying more than one wife or more than one husband at a time  - Polygamy 
  • The science that studies plants -  Botany 
  • The science which studies natural processes of living things  - Biology 
  • People working together in the same office or department -  Colleagues 
  • The state of remaining unmarried - Celibacy 
  • The action of bringing into completion -  Consummation
  • The practice of marrying one a time – Monogamy(एकपत्नीत्व)
  • The practice of having two wives or two husbands at a time – Bigamy(द्विविवाह)
  • The practice of marrying more than one wife at time – Polygamy(बहुविवाह)
  • The practice of marrying more than one husbands at a time –Polyandry(बहुपतित्व)
  • A hater of Womankind – Misogynist(नारी द्वेषी)
  • A lover of womankind – Philologist(स्त्रीप्रेमी)
  • A lover and collector of books – Bibliophile(पुस्तक प्रेमी)
  • One who has a long experience of any occupation – Veteran(दीर्घानुभवी, दक्ष, कुशल)
  • One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession-Amateur(शौकिया)
  • One who talks continuously – Loquacious(बातूनी)
  • One who is out to destroy all government, law and order –Anarchist(अशासनवादी, विद्रोहवादी)
  • One who does not care for art and literature – Philistine(अशिक्षित)
  • One who can use either hand with ease – Ambidextrous(द्विहत्थी)
  • A child born after the death of his father or the book published after the death of the writer. – Posthumous(मरणोपरांत)
  • Incapable of being understood – Unintelligible (दुर्बोध)

English preparation for ssc exam

Quiz on Currency & Capital for IBPS PO Exam

1. Which among the following countries is not the members of EU but use the EURO as currency?
(1) Croatia
(2) Romania
(3) San Marino
(4) Panama
(5) Bulgaria

2. Which among the following countries is the members of EU (European Union) but do not use the EURO as currency?
(1) San Marino
(2) Poland
(3) Palau
(4) Ireland
(5) Finland

3. Dollar is the currency of _____.
(1) Jordan
(2) Ecuador
(3) Hungary
(4) Monaco
(5) Mexico

4. Currency of Tanzania is ____.
(1) Tanzanian Shilling
(2) Tanzanian Dollar
(3) Tanzanian Krone
(4) Tanzanian Pond
(5) Tanzanian Dirham

5. Dong is the currency of ____.
(1) Vietnam
(2) Venezuela
(3) Yemen
(4) Zambia
(5) Uganda

6. Capital of Ukraine ___.
(1) Lusaka
(2) Sanaa
(3) Lome
(4) Kyiv
(5) None of these

7. “Lilongwe” is the capital of _____.
(1) Malta
(2) Malawi
(3) Lithuania
(4) Jamaica
(5) None of these

8. Peso is not the currency of which Country___.
(1) Cuba
(2) Mexico
(3) Argentina
(4) Estonia
(5) Chile

9. Kigali is the capital of ____
(1) Samoa
(2) Rwanda
(3) Vanuatu
(4) Tonga
(5) None of these

10. Capital of Liberia is ____.
(1) Riga
(2) Maseru
(3) Lome
(4) Monrovia
(5) Majuro


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Expected cut off and Analysis – SSC CGL 2014 tier 1

Difficulty level of both the morning and evening exam is just about the same, while Morning set has troublesome general mindfulness  and quantitative aptitude areas and at evening set English was exceptionally troublesome . So we are giving a consolidated investigation of the both the exams that won't fluctuate much in their troublesome level 

UR  Un-Reserved (General)OBCSCST
Expected Cutoff marks for SSC CGL tier 1  Re Exam For Posts of statistical investigator / complier
Expected cutoff marks for all other posts of SSC Graduate Level

Questions of SSC Combined Graduate Level 2014 Exam Tier 1 were not simple and because of protracted questions paper for the most part competitors were not ready to finish the questions paper inside given time term. English questions were likewise average at evening set, so a normal contender endeavored 25 to 30 inquiries so you can undoubtedly score 20 to 22 imprints in this area. 

Quantitative question were simple however question were extensive. So you can expect not all the more then 30- 35 imprints. question of general awareness were direct so don't expect substantially more from this segment. On the off chance that you endeavor 18-20 question so you can without much of a stretch score 12 to 15 imprints. 

We are anticipating that the cutoff will be short of what 100 number so applicants need not bother much . 

The  thing that additionally comes in the support of committed applicants of SSC is that less number of understudies have endeavored the exam , as per a report more than half of the understudies were missing. Thats additionally the  positive that can bring the cutoff to ordinariness.

Please share views about what will expected cutoff marks for SSC CGL Exam 2014, it would be helpful for us for analyzing the more accurate cutoff marks.

Important Points of Union Budget 2014-15

1. Fiscal deficit target retained at 4.1% of GDP for current fiscal
2. Fiscal deficit target 3.6% for 2015-16
3. Fiscal deficit target 3% for 2016-17
4. Revenue Deficit seen at 2.9% for FY15
5. Aim to achieve 7-8 per cent economic growth rate in next 3-4 years
6. Target Agriculture growth rate at 4 %
7. Minimum pension of Rs.1000 per month to all PP schemes.
8. Defence FDI cap raised to 49% from 26% at present
9. Insurance FDI cap raised to 49% from 26% at present
10. Exemption limit on income tax from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 2.5 lakh.
11. For senior citizens, the exemption on income has been raised to Rs. 3 lakh per annum.
12. Tax-free cap on home loan interest from Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2 lakh.
13. Annual PPF upper limit to be improved from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh
14. Budget Allocate for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana' - 100 crores
15. Budget Allocate for National Rural Drinking Water - Rs 3600 cr
16. Budget Allocate for (Rural housing) national housing banking programme - Rs 8000 crore
17. Metro rails in PPP mode; for metro scheme in Ahmadabad and Lucknow - Rs. 100 cr
18. Budget Allocate to set up virtual classrooms - Rs 100 crores
19. Budget Allocate for setting up 5 more IIMs and IITs - Rs 500 crores
20. Budget Allocate for SC development - Rs 50,548 cr
21. Budget Allocate for Statue of Unity, a statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat - Rs. 200 crore
22. Budget Allocate for irrigation plan named Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sichayin Yojana - Rs. 1000 cr
23. Budget Allocate for credit scheme for start-ups by those from scheduled castes and tribes - Rs 200 crores
24. Budget Allocate for creating Smart cities - Rs. 7060 cr
25. Budget Allocate for price stabilization fund - Rs. 500 crore
26. Budget Allocate for modernization of Madrasas - Rs. 100 crores
27. Budget allocated for Startup village to promote entrepreneurship among rural youth - Rs 100 crore
28. Budget allocated for PM Sadak Yojana - Rs. 14,389 crores
29. Budget allocated to set up six textiles cluster - Rs 200 crore
30. e-visa for 9 cities to promote tourism
31. 15 Braille press to come up.
32. Currency note with Braille-like signs.
33. Bharat Swach Yojna proposed for hygiene and cleanliness.
34. Skill India scheme to make youth employable and create more entrepreneurs.
35. Assam and Jharkhand to get Centre of Excellence on farming.
36. Senior Citizens Pension Plan Extended Till August 2015
37. 100 soil testing laboratories across the country.
38. Agriculture University in AP and Rajasthan Rs. 200 cr
39. Horticulture University in Haryana, Telangana; Rs. 200 cr
40. Crisis Management Centre for women at Delhi
41. PSU Banks to Raise Rs 2.40 Lakh Cr Capital by 2018
42. Budget allocates for Internet connectivity in villages - Rs 500 cr
43. 12 more medical colleges will be added. Rs. 500 crore allocated for this.
44. 100 soil testing laboratories across the country.
45. Budget Allocate for development of 100 'smart cities Rs 7,000 crores
Note: i. 5 IIMs will be opened in – Bihar, Punjab, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan – (BPOHR)
ii. 5 IITs will be opened in – Jammu & Kashmir , Kerala, Chattisgarh , Andhra Pradesh, Goa – (JKCAG)
iii. 4 AIIMs will be opened in – Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Purvanchal (Uttar Pradesh), Virbhadra (Maharashtra)
iv. Singapore to help India in 100 smart cities project

New Appointment in India

New Appointment in India

1.       Amit Shah: New BJP President. He replaces Rajnath Singh.
2.      Kamla Beniwal: appointed as new Governor of Mizoram
3.      Ram Naresh Yadav: New Governor of Chhattisgarh.
4.      Vakkom Purushothaman: appointed as Governor of Nagaland.
5.      Shaktikanta Das: appointed as New Revenue Secretary. He replaces Rajiv Takru.
6.      Rajeev Topno: appointed as Private Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi
7.      Vishal Sikka: appointed New CEO of Infosys.
8.     B Ashok: appointed New IOC Chairman. He replaces R S Butola.
9.      A.K. Dubey: appointed as Chairman of Coal India Limited
10.  Sirikonda Madhusudhana : First speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly.
11.   S L Bhojegowda: elected ViceChairman of Bar Council of India.
12.  Narendra Damodardass Modi sworn in as the 15th Prime Minister of the country.

The list of Cabinet Ministers in india:

1.       Rajnath Singh: Home Minster
2.      Sushma Swaraj: External Affairs & Overseas Indian Affairs
3.      Arun Jaitley: Finance Corporate Affairs & Defense
4.      M. Venkaiah Naidu: Urban Development Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation & Parliamentary Affairs
5.      Nitin Jairam Gadkari: Road Transport and Highways Shipping + Rural Development, Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water and Sanitation
Note: Nitin Jairam Gadkari given additional charge of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj & Drinking Water and Sanitation as Gopinath Munde died in Road accident.
6.      D.V. Sadananda Gowda: Railways
7.      Uma Bharati: Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
8.     Dr. Najma A. Heptulla: Minority Affairs
9.      Ramvilas Paswan: Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
10.  Kalraj Mishra: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
11.   Maneka Gandhi: Women and Child Development
12.  Ananthkumar: Chemicals and Fertilizers
13.  Ravi Shankar Prasad: Communications and Information Technology & Law and Justice
14.  Ashok Gajapathi Raju: Civil Aviation
15.   Anant Geete: Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
16.  Harsimrat Kaur Badal: Food Processing Industries
17.   Narendra Singh Tomar: Mines & Steel Labour and Employment
18.  Jual Oram: Tribal Affairs
19.  Radha Mohan Singh: Agriculture
20. Thaawar Chand Gehlot: Social Justice and Empowerment
21.  Smriti Zubin Irani: Human Resource Development
22. Dr. Harsh Vardhan: Health and Family Welfare
23. Sumitra Mahajan: new Lok Sabha Speaker
24. Chandrababu Naidu swornin as First Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.
25.  K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) was sworn in as its first Chief Minister of Telangana
26. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has been appointed on the Board of Governors of Philippinesbased Asian Development   Bank (ADB).
27.  Mallikarjun Kharge elected leader of Congress in Lok Sabha.
28. Nripendra Mishra appointed Principal Secretary to PM
29. Mukul Rohatgi appointed 14th New AttorneyGeneral of India. He replace G.E. Vahanvati
30. Ajit Kumar Doval appointed as new National Security Advisor
31.  Rajiv Mathur takes over as New CIC (Chief Information Commissioner). He succeeds Sushma Singh,
32. Anandiben Patel: new CM of Gujarat
33. Naveen Patnaik sworn in as Odisha chief minister
34. Pawan Chamling sworn as Sikkim CM for record 5th time
35.  Jitan Ram Manjhi: new Bihar CM
36. T R Zeliang appointed new CM of Nagaland. He succeed Neiphiu Rio
37.  Nabam Tuki swornin as CM of Arunachal Pradesh for second term.
38. R.M.Lodha: New Chief Justice of India. He is the 41st Chief Justice of India. He succeeds Justice P. Sathasivam.
39. Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag: appointed new Army Chief. He succeeds Gen Bikram Singh.
40. R Gandhi appointed Deputy Governor of RBI. He replaces Anand Sinha
41.  Robin K Dhowan: appointed New Navy Chief.
42. Arup Raha new Air Chief Marshal. He succeeded NAK Browne.
43. Arvind Mayaram: appointed new Finance Secretary. He replaces Sumit Bose
44. Saurabh Chandra: new Oil Secretary.
45.  Sudhir Gupta: appointed new TRAI Secretary
46. Rajeev Kher: appointed new Commerce Secretary. He replaces S R Rao
47.  Ashok Lavasa: appointed Civil Aviation Secretary. He replaces K N Srivastava.
48. Justice G. Rohini: become the first woman Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court.
49. Ila Patnaik: appointed as Principal Economic Advisor
50. Retired Air Chief N A K. Browne appointed new Indian envoy to Norway.
51.   Rahul Kulshreshth appointed new Indian envoy to Turkey
52.  Sunil Gavaskar: interim President of BCCI
53.  G. Gopalakrishna: joined as director of Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL).
54.  Suresh Kumar Reddy appointed as the First ambassador to ASEAN
55.  Ms. Lakshmi Swaminathan became the first Indian to become president of Administrative Tribunal of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
56.  Lalit Modi elected president of Rajasthan Cricket Association.
57.  Arundhati Bhattacharya: SBI's first woman Chairman
58. Akhilesh Gupta: elected as President of the Indian Meteorological Society
59.  Thomas Mathew: New Chairman of MCX Stock Exchange
60. D K Pathak: new Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF).
61.  Sheila Dikshit: New Governor of Kerala.
62. Dinesh Sarraf: appointed as Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). He replaced Sudhir Vasudeva.
63. Gautam Bambawale: new Indian ambassador to Bhutan
64. Jude Felix: appointed coach of the National men’s hockey team.
65.  Yaduvendra Mathur : appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of ExportImport Bank of India (Exim Bank)
66. Rakesh Maria: appointed as a new Police Commissioner of Mumbai. He replace Satyapal Singh.
67.  Aditi Khanna became first women President of Indian Journalist's Association
68. Mukul Mudgal: appointed as the new chairperson of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC)
69. R.K.Tiwari: appointed as the new chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). He succeed Chairperson Sudha Sharma.
70.  Poonam Khetrapal Singh: appointed as Regional Director of World Health Organisation (WHO) SouthEast Asia Region
71.    Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur: appointed Chairman of the 7th Pay Commission
72.   Akhilesh Das Gupta reelected president of the Badminton Association of India (BAI)
73.   N Ramachandran: New President of Indian Olympic Association (IOA)
74.   Arvind Ranjan :appointed new Chief of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
75.   J N Choudhury : appointed new Chief of National