How to prepare for Government Job

Study for government job
Practice is the main secret in competitive exam for success. Every exam have different syllabus. You should first decide in which field you want to make career. Your education qualification helps to take a decision .After this you search syllabus and related reference book for that post. You have to start your preparation With Time Table according to your syllabus. Go for coaching if possible to maintain a discipline towards time table and preparation but it is not mandatory you can do it by self study and self confidence.  If you learn any concept, you have to do lot of practice.

You have to observe notification carefully and find the syllabus. Many exams have section like these Arithmetic, Logical Reasoning, English Language, Current Affairs etc.

For preparation method for Arithmetic andReasoning:

1.        You have to learn Basics of every chapter from different standard references (Books) and prepare notes on that concept.
2.      You have to practice the example problems with seeing(Do not do without own)
3.      You have to do Exercise problems.
4.      Conduct self mock test.
Resources: Reasoning Book By R.S. Agrwal , Quantitative Aptitude ,
                       Objective Quantative Aptitude
For General Awareness:

1.       You have to read Magazines related to General awareness,
2.      Every topic, you have to read two times a week for good remember.
3.      You have to Read Hindu or any English daily news paper for Current affairs and English fastness development skills.
Resources: General Knowledge Digest , General Knowledge Manual 2013 ,
                        Lucent's Objective General Knowledge

For English:

1.       You have to learn Grammar from any standard book
2.      Read more English novels for Reading comprehension fastness
3.      You have to learn vocabulary at least 10 words for a days. These 10 words explain with your friend.
Resources: Objective English for Competitive Examinations ,
                        Competitive General English
Additional Government Job Preparation Tips:

1.       Do not be pressure. Always smile.
2.       Do the meditation at least 10 minutes per a day. Listening music.
3.      Go to running or Morning walk that improve your Zeal about exam.
4.      Often take more water 6 liters for a day.
5.      Make time table and Time table should be clear and must be accepted by you.
6.      You have to take minimum 6 hours for sleep, rest makes man effectively to work entire day.
7.      You have to find that how many hours you have in a day without coaching classes or college timing or job timing, for remaining hours you have to make time table.
8.      You have find that which section is very hard to you. You have spent a more time for that difficult section. You must maintain Discipline.
9.      While studying a chapter, do ask yourself following questions “What”, “How”, and “Why” and see improvement.
10.   Prepare notes after finishing every chapter. This will help you during your last days of revision.
11.     Solve previous year's papers, mock question papers, and various tests available. This will not only help practicing what you have studied, but also give you an understanding of the question paper format.

During Exam Time:

1.       Always attempt your strongest section in which you are good. 
2.      Don't stick to any question for long period of time. 
3.      Carefully read and follow all the instruction given in the exam paper.
4.      Always believe in your preparation and yourself and have faith that you can crack the paper.

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